Jeff in South Africa

Surfing South Africa

Yo yo… no…. Well anyways Our Surf club president-a-  ,Jeff Landau, was recently traveling across the world. His quest for the perfect waves (and family relations) sent him down south… like South Africa South. Enjoy some footage.   Credit: Video: Carlos Montalvo Surfers: Jeff and Max Landau


The Game of Skate (Feb 2011)

First event of the Spring 2012 Semester: This February we decided to spice up our regular Longboard Afternoon and hold a game of SKATE. The game of SKATE is exactly like the basketball equivalent of HORSE. One skater does a longboard trick and the next person in line has to do the same trick lest …


3 Days of Sun and Surf: The Movie

First GT Surf Club Movie Ever! 11 Surf Club members went to Jacksonville, FL for labor day weekend and what resulted was an awesome 3 days of sun and surf. Riders: Mike Pratt Simon Skates Carlos Montalvo Carlos Donado Ryan Rolando Songs: Animals – Bonobo Days to Come – Bonobo Kong – Bonobo Camera: Mike …