Jeff in South Africa

Surfing South Africa

Yo yo… no…. Well anyways Our Surf club president-a-  ,Jeff Landau, was recently traveling across the world. His quest for the perfect waves (and family relations) sent him down south… like South Africa South. Enjoy some footage.   Credit: Video: Carlos Montalvo Surfers: Jeff and Max Landau


The Game of Skate (Feb 2011)

First event of the Spring 2012 Semester: This February we decided to spice up our regular Longboard Afternoon and hold a game of SKATE. The game of SKATE is exactly like the basketball equivalent of HORSE. One skater does a longboard trick and the next person in line has to do the same trick lest …


3 Days of Sun and Surf: The Movie

First GT Surf Club Movie Ever! 11 Surf Club members went to Jacksonville, FL for labor day weekend and what resulted was an awesome 3 days of sun and surf. Riders: Mike Pratt Simon Skates Carlos Montalvo Carlos Donado Ryan Rolando Songs: Animals – Bonobo Days to Come – Bonobo Kong – Bonobo Camera: Mike …


Trailer: 3 Days of Sun and Surf

This is the video Trailer for the short movie “3 Days of Sun and Surf” summarizing our first Fall 2011 surf trip of the season! 11 Surf Club Members went to Jacksonville Beach, FL on Labor Day Weekend Sept. 2 through Sept. 5th. What resulted was 3 better than expected days of sunburns, rashes, mexican …