• Fall 2013 Annual Longboard Competition Video

    Fall 2013 Annual Longboard Competition Video

  • Learning to Surf: The Basics

    Equipment You will need a board, obviously, but there are many types of surfboards that have specific characteristics.  If  you are just learning how to surf, you will probably want the biggest board you can find.  Nine foot long soft-top longboards like the one pictured are best, but I would recommend borrowing one or taking …

  • Wreck Tech Skate Sessions

    For the Fall 2013 semester, we will be meeting up to longboard every Thursday at 5pm.  It’s a great opportunity to meet with current members, create friendships/skate buddies, and meet new people who have similar interests. RJ has been taking photos at almost every session, if not all of them.  So here are just some …

  • Surfing South Africa

    Yo yo… no…. Well anyways Our Surf club president-a-  ,Jeff Landau, was recently traveling across the world. His quest for the perfect waves (and family relations) sent him down south… like South Africa South. Enjoy some footage.   Credit: Video: Carlos Montalvo Surfers: Jeff and Max Landau